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poop;; Hey this is the mun. If you want to rp, just send me an ask. I’m basically inactive on here because there is no active for this blog. Wanna rp? Just shoot an ask for an idea and we can plan it out. I’m earnestly looking through the tag to find new threads. Anyways, I bid ye farewell until I actually find motivation to be on here.

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Name: Tram here go by Kyou. Call me whatever

Age: 17 turning 18 soon!!!

Birthday: August 2nd

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Aromantic Asexual/Gray-A one of those two basically not attracted to anyone.

Height: 5’-5’1 ish

Blogs: 6?

FC (If you have one): Depends really. Mainly hiimdaisy icons, Mochizuki Ryoji (P3), Komaeda Nagito (SDR2), Naegi Makoto (DR), etc etc I have a lot of icons but right now its Tsukishima Kei (Haikyuu)

Tagged: idk who to tag i really don’t interact with anyone anymore? 

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// Hey y’all. Sorry for the inactivity. I have work, summer classes and now Anime Expo just ended and I’m just so tired. Plus, it was so hot and plus being in cosplay didn’t help me by baking me like a potato in them. I’ll try to be on and doing replies but just looking at my drafts just doesn’t motivate me. I’ll do my best though. 


I’ve also been watching some new anime and of course Gintama when I have such crap days. 

In a nutshell, I’ll be posting irregularly on this blog and well, the next drafts that summon me is the HijiMitsu ones with my RP partner, Kyou. i can feel the angst coming 

All in all, AX was so fun and I hope to see some fellow RPers at AX next year!!

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poop;; i cant believe you posted them. omfg…

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demon-vice-chief sent:

13, 35, 25, 2, 15 (random numbers cause I can)

poop;; you pretty much know a lot about me. why ask lol


How long has mun had a tumblr?

I don’t know. Two years??? I think??

Does mun have any piercings?

No… I wish…

Is there something mun can never forgive?

already answered.

Mun’s Age

17, turning 18 this August. It’ll be the third year I think when this blog was born

Does mun believe in love?

I believe in platonic love, but as for romantic love, I think it’s possible people can have that too, but I’m not cut out for that kind of thing.

Anonymous sent:

1 25 50

Does mun have any pets?

i have three dogs and a tank full of fish.

Is there something mun can never forgive?

the people who i used to trust but then they either left my side or held broken promises. i dont trust anyone really. only three people tbh everyone else is just there.

How many languages can mun speak?

lol one. i can speak some french but its so broken lol

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poop;; woah a picture… i didnt think id get one of these. i don’t have a real picture of me but here’s a picture of me cosplaying.




Send me a number from 1-50, without looking at the list!
If you’re brave enough, reblog without looking too!

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// I can’t stop laughing at the spongebob piñata I got for my little sisters birthday. She looks so happy. I am such a good sister.

poop;; Vy looks so happy. Damn she lucky. Getting to destroy a pinata like that oo dayum. Better send me a picture of the end result kbye

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// omg yes, we should~ xD



// What ideas chu got bae? Some crack? Angst? Bonding bro time? :o

// oh crap it was supposed to be private whoops

poop;; i shouldnt comment on this butomg youre such a loser 

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poop;; dude this is really late man. this is what i get for barely being on here. i feel like a huge baka ya feel


// Hey man, it’s not your fault you’re so hella busy and with school and college apps going on, I don’t blame ya. Me, on the other hand is just lazy and just slacking. 


poop;; and I’m really lazy. Let’s not forget how lazy I am.

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demon-vice-chief replied to your post“To socialize or not to socialize…”
// -pokes- :B
poop;; man oh man this is late.

// Never too late bae~


poop;; dude this is really late man. this is what i get for barely being on here. i feel like a huge baka ya feel


poop;; I’m going to get off now. I’m having immense feels about 13 year old Ken and now I feel like a cradle robber, bye. I liked the 11 year old Ken, but now this stuff pops up, I feel horrible. bye

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