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Cynicism on the Day of “Love”

Ⓢ;; Today was the day, Valentine’s Day a day that Okita could care less about. Chocolate giving, declaration of “love”, going on romantic and overly priced dates made the brunet laugh at the idiocy. To him, romantic love was lust, everyone was fueled to  have sex and that’s the only reason for romantic relations. To him, Valentine’s Day only benefit him; free chocolates from simple minded girls who thought they were in “love” with him. Okita walked through the halls with 4 letters with a heart sticker on them, each a confession to him. One thought popped into his head, how could these girls like him besides his pretty face? Of course they didn’t know his sadist side, he’s not kind either, so why are they confessing their love? He continued to walk towardseach designated place where each girl would hand him chocolates and confess.

Rejected. Every single one of them. The way he rejected them all was all passive aggressive. Each of them was questioned, “Why do you like me? Give me a legitimate reason, not that you’re so kind or cool crap.” Each one were stumped with an answer and after their silence Okita finally delivered the final blow. “You must only like me for my pretty face. Disgusting.” Each and every girl ran away crying. Of course he took their chocolate, but threw away their letters of love because each and every one was pointless to him. 

Relaxing on the roof top, he sat with a huge bag full of chocolates from girls who confessed to him and girls who were too shy to confess. Each and every one was a different flavor: white, dark, caramel, strawberry, raspberry and even flavors he didn’t know. He then heard the door open next to him and his nemesis, Kagura came. She looks pissed. Okita thought as he took a bite from a chocolate, his face unfazed by her appearance. “How dare you hurt all those girls feelings, you bastard! A girl’s heart is pure and you shattered that poor heart, uh-huh.” Kagura yelled at him, he was still unfazed. Chewing his rich chocolate, he remained silent. A loud gulp came after he finished the chocolate and he did a loud sigh. “All those girls are so superficial. All they care is my looks and nothing more. They don’t love me, they love my face. Besides, they wouldn’t even like me. Love is lust, we’re only attracted to each other by faces and nothing more. V-day? More like D-Day because everyone is receiving the D.” Okita said his tone very sarcastic. Kagura clenched her fist and almost punched him in the face, Okita still didn’t flinch. “Then what do you call the Mayo freak and your sister’s relationship? Their love seems real…” Kagura murmured. Okita looked dejected too, rather the only love he believes in is his love for his sister, a platonic love. Today would be a day where he would be in his small apartment, alone. “Their love is one I will not question, if my sister believes in that bullshit, then so be it. I for one will not.” Okita responded to the redhead, pulling out another piece of chocolate. Kagura was shocked by his response, the way it was delivered was very hateful which really shocked the girl.

Kagura still stood there, dejected. She fully understand and kind of agreed to Okita’s opinion and view of love. He wasn’t right, but he was partially true. Okita noticed how depressed the usually rambunctious girl was; he dug into the bag and pulled out a chocolate and offered it to her. “Hey China, you want one?” Okita offered to her. Looking up, she saw those red eyes gaze at her. She took the chocolate and sat next to the brunet and began to chew on the dark richness. “These are pretty good.” She added trying to get rid of the awkwardness between them. “Yea…” Okita replied with one word, still making it extremely awkward. The two began to chew on the chocolate in silence, Okita suddenly gazed at Kagura, noticing her blue eyes staring out into the blue, yet cold winter day. “I don’t think I can finish these chocolates and class is about to start again. Do you wanna come over later and help me finish these?” Okita asked, his visage tinted in pink but still remained composed. Kagura turned her head and stared right at Okita. “Sure. Why not.” Kagura did her lovely smile which soon disappeared as she reached for another chocolate from the huge bag of chocolates Okita received. Together they began to eat more chocolate in a silence which was no longer awkward.


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Unfortunate Misadventures @Virgorous-rabbit

Ⓢ;; The brunet roamed the streets of Kabukicho in his normal attire, however this stroll was not a casual one, rather he was on a skate out for personal reasons.The person he was stalking was a head of a shady business which managed to evade the bureaucracy through the lack of evidence. Kondo was extremely distressed from this because he knew of their actions and Okita felt it was his obligation to find the evidence needed to legally pursue them. Okita made sure he stayed as far back as he could, but still trail him without losing him in the midst of the crowds. 

       Hiding behind a wall with his head slightly poking out, he looked through binoculars making sure he still saw him. He put his binoculars into his kimono he was about to make his move and continue to trail the man, but before he made his move he heard a familiar voice utter the nickname only she gave him. He turned around and saw none other than the orange-haired girl behind with her monstrous dog behind her. “What do you want, China?” She must’ve caught him spying on him and that was one thing he didn’t want her to know because he suspected she might bug him endlessly.

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Until the End (@prince-of-sadists)


"Who said I was underestimating you?" He snapped quietly. As Okita moved even closer to the entrance of the room, Hijikata also followed behind him, not making a single noise. His left hand was wrapped around the sheath of the sword and his right hand, tingling with adrenaline was hovering over the hilt of his blade. Tuning out the sadist’s request, Hijikata was timing when he should burst into the room. Ready…. now!" Dashing in, Hijikata kicked the door open and swiftly drew his blade out pointing at the terrorists. “This is a raid! You’re all under arrest by the Shinsengumi! Make one move and I swear you’ll die by these hands!" Even from that announcement, The terrorists rebelled and instantly drew their blades at them. Hijikata expected this, what kind of terrorists would give in so quickly? Well, it made his job all the more worthwhile. Taking one side of the incoming terrorists, Hijikata looked over to see Sougo take the other side. Swift strikes was emitted from the sadist in the midst of all of this. ‘Good, at this rate, everything will be resolved in no time.’

Ⓢ;; Slashing through the terrorists, Okita had already annihilated a few of his foes. His strikes were swift and each move he made were necessary for each attack. Sougo really paid no attention to Hijikata, who on the other side was killing a handful of terrorists himself. As Okita slashed through the bodies he saw his boss looking at him with a rather relieved face; this made the sadist rather confused of his actions. The sadist once again slashed and purged through the group of terrorists ambushing him. Stabbing the last terrorist of the hoard, he glanced back at Hijikata and with a smug smile on his face, breath slightly irregular he loudly responded with only one word. “Hella.”

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[☂] ~ "Y-you bastard!" She retorted, uncomfortable with the way the sadistic man was looking at her. "There is no way in hell I would let you win, yes?! I am a great UNO player, uh-huh, I beat Zur- I mean, Gin-chan all the time."

Ⓢ;; Okita glared at the orange-haired girl who arrogantly flaunted her so called “skill” she had at this childish card game called UNO. The sadist, on the other hand, refused to back down from any challenge especially from her. Tilting his head downward, his face was now close to her; a sneer plastered on his visage. “If you let me win, that would be boring. I want a challenge. Rather than flaunting your skills, why don’t you show me how you defeated the Boss and we’ll see how good you really are?”


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//Series: Super Dangan Ronpa 2
Character: Kuzuryuu Fuyuhiko

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